Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Arizona 2015 Early Registration

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Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Arizona 2014 Early Registration
May 29, 30, 31 2015 - Scottsdale, Arizona (Fire-Sky Resort Spa Hotel) 
Optional Pilgrimage to the Red Rocks Monday June 1

This is an Epic Gathering with Some of the Top Speakers & Teachers on the Planet!

Amazing Savings $ - Discount Rate expires Sept 1, 2014 - $195

Full Rate with Cancel Option : $444

AZ Spks Large

Featuring:  John Van Auken, Dr Robert Schoch, Dr Charles Thomas Cayce & James Tyberonn








Registration - Time-Limited Amazing Discount - $195

The rate of $195 is valid only thru  September 1st, 2014 - this is truly an excellent $$ savings.

$195 for an amazing Four Day Epic Event with Top Tier Speakers, equates to  less than $50 per day. The discounted rate ticket in non-cancel/non-transfer

Registration Form required to be signed and received from each attendee. Download Then please print the attached form (separate forms are needed for each attendee), fill it in and return to us at the address on the form, or send a scanned copy attached to an email to Bobby at : and/or send the signed original by post to address below. These reg-forms are required for your ID - Badge for the conference. To Register via Check ( USA Residents Only) : Mail a check (payable to Earth-Keeper) to :


Suite 115-111

8000 Research Forest Drive

The Woodlands, Texas 77382








John Van Auken - Featured Speaker

John Van Auken -Director Association for Research & Enlightenment A.R.E - Edgar Cayce Foundation - Virgina Beach, Va Author of 25 Books, Speaker & Teacher

We are extremely pleased & honored to announce John Van Auken as a featured Speaker at the Earth-Keeper 12-12-12 in the Crystal Vortex. The amazing John Van Auken will take us to the fascinating realms of Atlantis, Mu, Ancient Egypt, the Yucatan & Maya, the Edgar Cayce Readings, Spirituality, Reincarnation, Dreams, Mysticism, Earth Changes, Meditation .... and so much more. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge, gleaned with humility & wisdom. A mesmerizing speaker with a wonderful sense of humor & grace. His work is a gift to seekers on the path of wisdom & knowledge.

"Over 25 years ago I was given a message that I had known & worked with the Disciple John, and would meet him later in life. It is my sincere belief that John Van Auken is an absolute 'Walking Master', and I have a deep love & respect for this amazing soul. I consider him a mentor. He is a down to earth man of great humility, kindness and extraordinary presence. He received standing ovations for his brilliant presentations at our last event he attended , attended by over 750 people. His very presence is uplifting, healing & truly inspiring. If you attend our Star-Gate event in Arizona next May for any reason, come to hear and be in the presence of this astonishing soul, John Van Auken - truly a Master ." J Tyberonn









FAQ - Arizona Star-Gate Event

1) What is included in the AZ Star-Gate Event registration?

Our registration is for full attendance for the three days of the Gathering. Your registration does not include accommodations, hotels, meals or transport. The EK Discounted room block at the venue hotel is pre- reserved for registered Earth-Keeper Star-Gate attendees for convenient access. Our very specially reduced rate discounted block of rooms on site are limited. Hotel information, location and contact for booking access are released to attendees, after registration payment with Earth-Keeper.

2) When should I arrive?

We suggest arriving on the evening of Thursday May 28th or the morning of Friday, May 29. The event begins at 12 noon on Friday May 29th with registration starting at 11:00 am. 

3) What is the program schedule?

The tentative hour by hour detailed agenda will be released in March 2015. The final agenda will be released in early April.

4) Is there a post event pilgrimage to Sedona?

Yes. This is not however, a part of the formal event, it is optional, exclusive only for egistered attendees of the Star-Gate Gathering. It is free. Transportation is NOT provided to Sedona, each attendee will need to provide their own transport, and any associated travel expenses. Details of location will be given at the event. It will be on Monday,June 1st.

5) What is the cancellation policy?

Stated on registration form, and online. Or view online at

6) What weather should I expect?

The weather in Scottsdale in late May is generally sunny and beautiful. Average temperatures will be in the high 80's F to mid 90's F in the day and low 70's F at night. However, it is possible to have temps in the high 90's F even low 100's F in the day in May. Bring light summer clothing. Sedona is several thousand feet higher in elevation than Scottsdale, and will not be as hot...but it is still late May and it will likely be warm. The Sedona event is rain or shine and will be outdoors.

7) What should I bring?

Come with an open joyous heart to be in a nurturing environment of loving soul family. Treat everyone with respect and kindness, and expect to give and receive a lot of Hugs! You may also wish to bring your personal crystals & drums for ceremony. Please do not bring cd's, dvds, books or pamphlets, etc to solicit, advertise or sell. Please do not bring any items including minerals, crystals, books or incense to sell. No exceptions.

8) Is the main venue hotel sold out?

Not yet, but it will. Register and book your rooms immediately. . Hotel information has s sent to each attendee after registration. If you have not booked a room, do so ASAP. Our event is in the Holiday season, entering summer vacation period and every weekend and every hotel in both Scottsdale and Sedona will likely sell out this weekend.

11) Will you be able to assist attendees in finding room share and car share partners?

Yes. We will begin this process for assisting registered attendees seeking an expense sharing partner for transport, rental car or room share in late April. Please kindly make sure you are subscribed to our Earth-Keeper Chronicles E-Newsletter in order to receive these important updates and attendee only postings.

12) Do you need volunteers or additional staff for the Earth-Keeper Wesak Eclipse Gathering?

No thank you, we have the full staff required.

13) Who are the featured guest speakers?

The confirmed featured Keynote speakers are :

** John Van Auken

** Dr Robert Schoch 

** Dr Charles Thomas Cayce 

** ...and soon to be hopefully confirmed - Graham Hancock 

** James Tyberonn - Event Host, Metatronic Teachings & Live Channel

Note: While we have confirmation & contracts with the listed speakers, in the unlikely event a speaker cancels, alternatives will be arranged. Attendance to the event is based on the Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Activation & Gathering and James Tyberonn speaking & channel. Although every intent is for the speakers listed & healers to be present, there are no refunds based on unexpected cancellation of any guest speaker or healer.

Star-Gate Event Guidelines:

1. We encourage 'Hugs" We ask that the standard greeting each day be a hug. You are among true soul family, family from many lifetimes, family of your true Soul-Guild.

2. Our gathering is about LOVE and Spiritual Growth. Please come with open and nurturing hearts, and be ready to have fun amidst true 'Soul-Family.'

3. The conference hall and meetings rooms for the Stargate Gathering will be in the Grand Ballroom of our venue hotel. These facilities, including the Conference Hall, Earth-Keeper store and conference rooms are fully reserved for the use of registered EK attendees, speakers & staff only.

4. The front row of seating is requested to be given for those that are handicapped or have hearing or vision challenges.

5. Please be aware that all other seating is non reserved, and is available on a first come basis.

6. Please turn off cell-phones in the conference rooms. Please honor the featured speakers, ceremonial leaders & meditation leaders as well as your fellow attendees with respectful silence during lectures, teachings, and meditations. If you must talk, please exit the conference room during scheduled speaking and ceremony.

7. Please do not bring items to sell, flyers or pamphlets to distribute or solicit services at event.

8. You must have attendee registration badge to enter conference hall. Please wear your admission badge at all times. You will need your attendee badge for the full event, and will be required to have it with you to enter the conference area. You will need it each time you enter the conference room, and session area.

9. We have many prolific & spiritually guided ceremonies planned for the Earth-Keeper Gathering. We kindly ask that the program be honored, and respectfully request that all attendees follow the carefully planned & inspired program in place. While we understand all of you are gifted teachers and leaders, please do not plan any alternative or additional ceremony during the program. Thank you for honoring our protocol.

10. Because of the large attendance, lunch break & dinner break will be 90 minutes.

11. Please try to be on time for all events.

12. Bring your drums and crystals.

13. The Earth-Keeper store and Crystal Displays , book signing tables are for registered attendees. These will be open during conference activity.. Vogel Phi Crystal, healing gems, books, DVD's and crystal skulls are available for purchase at the EK Store.

14. There will be assistants and staff to aid in the registration and entry process for the event. Please contact a staff member if you have any issues, and we ask that all staff be treated with kindness and respect, as will be shown to you.

15. Please enjoy this grand time of Spirit! Be good to yourself & nurture and respect one another. We are Family.

16. In the very unlikely event anyone creates a disturbance that is detrimental to the loving spirit and intent of the conference; we reserve the right to remove them from the conference for the well being of the group.

CANCELLATION POLICY: The Full 4-Day Attendance Ticket to the Arizona Star-Gate Gathering ( May 29-31, 2015) in Scottsdale & Sedona , Arizona enables participant to attend all activities. Full Rate $444 . Full Rate Tickets may be cancelled  thru April 15, 2014, with a 35% cancellation fee. No cancels on full rate ticket after 15 April. All discounted tickets & Healers rate tickets are non-refundable / non transferrable. We recommend travelers insurance in case of emergency preventing attendance. Full price tickets $444 may be sold or transferred by attendee with notice and $35 transfer fee. All Combo ( 2 -Event Tandem Discount ) tickets are non-cancel / non-transfer.